Welcome to my web site

My name is Dave and I am a man with a life-long, passionate and obsessive interest in breasts - preferably large ones or naturally lactating ones. I'm not at all weird - I just love breasts!

This is my personal web site - no subscriptions, nothing for sale - just a web site which, over the years, has helped me to meet hundreds of women interested in some very private and rewarding mutual fun.

Why do women meet me? Please have a look at the stories page for their own words.

Autumn 2022 and £1,000

I am often asked how much I give women I meet and what is the maximum I have ever given.

Well, the maximum is £1,000 in two cases: one, "Lisa", was a woman in her late 50s with fantastically large and heavy breasts and the other, "Sarah", was a single mum in her mid 20s who was breast feeding.

You can find out more about them on the the stories page

In both cases male friends told them about this site - and I am very grateful!

Calling female readers

As is obvious from this site, I am very keen to meet women who have large breasts, who are breast feeding, or both! Size doesn't matter when it comes to breast feeding - some of my most enoyable moments have been with lactating women with C cup or smaller breasts.

I am a decent, trustworthy person (as the women I have visited will tell you) and I am looking for discreet, very private, meetings which result in fun for both of us and some financial reward for the woman concerned.

Calling male readers

I hope you enjoy the contents of this site. If you know of any women who might be interested in meeting me, and making some helpful cash, please pass on the link to this site: www.newstudiob.com.

The two photos below are not Lisa and Sarah but they show other women I have met.

More information

  • The About page tells you more about me.
  • The FAQ page answers most of your questions.
  • The Stories page tells you what women think of me.
  • The Meetings page shows how to arrange meetings with me.
  • The Contact page provides my contact details.
  • The Photos page shows some of the women I have met. I always respect the wishes of the women I meet. Sometimes they let me take photos but in most cases they not want their photos on this web site - so the photos shown are from women who have given their permission.

About meeting me

  • Dates and times for meetings are completely flexible.
  • I am totally discreet - no-one will ever know.
  • There are no strings - meetings are for photography and/or fun.
  • I am a generous person - so meetings can be very financial rewarding.
  • Please contact me if you have any additional questions.

Almost all the women I meet have been introduced to this web site by a male friend:

"have a look at the NewStudiob.com web site - I think it would suit you."

Confessions of a breast obsessive

I love intelligent, strong, independent women - I am married to one.

Obviously I appreciate women as people, not just because of their breasts! I hold conversations to their face, not while staring at their chest!

I have no idea why I am obsessed with breasts. I have tried to figure it out, I have read loads of books and articles about obsessions and fixations and it makes no difference - I love breasts, I am happily obsessed - so I just get on with enjoying life!

I love looking at breasts, their perfect shape and gentle roundness. I love the way they move. I love their gentle bouncing when clothed or swinging when unclothed. I love the way some women (most women?) wear a bra that with a cup size one or two sizes too small - thus creating "spillage" at the top and sides. I love touching breasts, their warmth and softness, I love lifting and squeezing breasts, their weight and softness, I love ........ everything about breasts.

I love their differences - no two breasts are the same, even on the same women. I love spotting those differences. I love the differences in size and shape. I love the fact that areolas can be of different sizes and darkness. I love the huge variety of nipples - especially when lactating - I adore lactating breasts!

So, yes, I am a breast obsessive - and I remain very happy that my obsession has enabled me to meet hundreds of interesting women over the years.

Lying back, after some mutually enjoyable breast fun, with hand or head on a warm breast while having a pleasant chat with an intelligent woman, is the best thing since sliced bread!

Larger photos

Clicking on most photos on this site will show a larger version.

Photos are shown only when the woman agrees - I always respect a woman's wishes.

Some of the women I have met

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Yes, I know, I am a very lucky man and I would like to thank all the women I have met so far and all those who have introduced them to me via this site.