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Welcome to my private web site

Latest update

Yes, I am still active (Spring/summer 2015) but this web site is beginning to show its age! I am still seeking and meeting large-breasted women who want some financially rewarding fun.

Nervous contacts

The last few women who contacted me all said the same thing. They found it hard to believe this site was for real and it took them weeks (six months in one case!) to pluck up courage to contact me.

I don't know what more I can say to put people's minds at rest, I am exactly as described on this site - and you can find out more about me on my about page. If in doubt, drop me an email and ask as many questions as you like.

I enjoy the meetings I have with women who contact me and, judging from the emails they send afterwards, they enjoy them as well - though they are usually a bundle of nerves when we first meet. I am pleased to say those nerves have always gone away within minutes!

Most of the women I meet find this site because a male friend has told them about it. If you know any large-breasted women I would be grateful if you would pass on the web site address:

This is a personal, private and non-commercial web site - there is nothing for sale and no subscription.

I am a man with an obsession - I love women with large breasts or lactating breasts and this site is part of my search for such women.

Wanted - mature women with very large boobs

I am looking for mature women with very large boobs (like Linda shown in the photo on the right).

Please click here to see exactly what I am looking for.

About meeting me

  • Meetings are totally private.
  • Times to suit the woman concerned.
  • Totally discrete - no-one need know.
  • No strings - meetings are for fun.
  • Very financially rewarding.
  • Find out about me on my about page.
  • Questions answered on my FAQ page.
  • Contact me if you are such a woman.
  • Contact me if you know such a woman.

If you spot such a woman, please ask her to have a look at this web site ( - it is then up to her if she contacts me.

Loads of cash waiting for the right woman

Recent quotation from a woman I met

This comment was received by email after we met.

I am writing to say that I really enjoy our sessions together - I was very nervous to start with but I ended up really enjoying myself.

As you know, lots of women like me find their breasts too large, too heavy and very cumbersome - but you really changed all that and brought out the hidden fantasy side of things that lots of us bored women have.

I had things done to my breasts that I had never had before and, to be honest, I really liked it.

Our meetings made me feel special - I was treated well and got to explore my hidden goddess - a bit like that '50 Shades of Grey book'. For some of us, having men worship our bodies and treat them well is a first - and a real turn on - and the money comes in very handy too!

When I look at myself in the mirror these days I see my breasts in a completely different way. I look forward to our next meeting

This is Linda who is no longer available


Click for a larger image

Breast feeding?

As well as liking large breasts I am also great fan of lactation - so, if you are breast feeding mum, or you know someone who is breast feeding, please get in touch.

Breast size is not a significant factor in milk production - my experience shows that some women with very small breasts produce fantastic quantities of milk. So, get in touch, - no matter what breast size.

Special treat for Linda fans

This is one of my favourite photos of Linda - click the image for a larger version.

If ever you needed proof that Linda's breasts are 100% natural then this is it - fake boobs don't lie like that!

It's competition time - I'll send some previously unpublished photos of Linda to whoever provides the best and most arousing caption or short story relating to this photo. Let your imaginations run wild!

Send your entries via the email address on the contact page.


Some recent encounters


A friend told Jackie about this site and she contacted me in Autumn, 2011.

She is a 22 years old and a breast-feeding single mum - the father of her baby boy was not interested in a long-term relationship.

I visited her in Nottingham in October and enjoyed a couple of fantastic hours with her - and she ended up very happy with some money in her purse.

Her comment after we first met was:

"It took me ages before I contacted you because I couldn't believe you were for real. I almost cancelled our first meeting because I was so nervous but when you arrived it was obvious that you were exactly as you describe yourself on the site. I was still nervous when I first took off my bra but from then on I really enjoyed the attention you paid to my breasts - you were patient and sensitive - and you made it very clear that you were enjoying yourself! I was really happy to meet you from then on - and the money has come in very handy."

Jackie does not have large breasts (milk supply is not a function of breast size) but she seems to have an almost endless supply of breast milk - which she could squirt for yards!

She agreed to delay weaning her baby boy so that I could continue to visit her and she could continue to get some extra income.

Sadly she decided to stop breast feeding in March, 2012 so our visits have come to an end.

I am looking for another nursing mum to visit regularly.

Note: she is not available for meeting anyone.

A note about privacy

I have two main rules:

  • The woman is always in charge - what she says goes.
  • Protecting the privacy of the women I meet is my number one priority. I have no wish to cause any problems for them and I want to ensure that future visits are possible.

    I never put photos on this web site (or anywhere else) without the permission of the woman concerned. So, most of the photos I take are never seen by anyone I meet. Obviouisly I only take photos with permission and some women prefer me not to take any. I always respect their wishes.

    I never pass on any details to anyone else - unless the woman concerned asks me to.

    I am the master of discretion, the original invisible man. I always park some distance from a woman's home and I arrive and leave quickly and quietly

So, respecting a woman's wishes and protecting her privacy are my top priorities.

Debbie - an unusual combination

Debbie was very unusual - very large breasts and breast-feeding.

She was in her early thirties when she had her third child and she contacted me even before the baby was born - again, because a friend introduced her to this web site.

I first met her in 2010 about a month after her son was born and I continued to visit her regularly for over a year. She had superb heavy breasts and lots of gorgeous milk.

The other unusual thing about this was that her husband knew that she was meeting me - though he was never around when we met. His attitude was "well, if it makes her happy and it does not change our relationship, I am OK with it."

Debbie stopped breast-feeding in mid 2011 but I have visited her twice since then to enjoy her large breasts.

Note: she is not available for meeting anyone.

What this site is all about

I am seeking totally private and very discrete fun - and the woman concerned would be very well rewarded.

If I am lucky enough to find someone who does match up to Linda then that person will, I hope, both enjoy herself and make a significant amount of money through our meetings.

Please contact me if you are such a woman or if you know of one who might be interested.

About me

I am based in the East Midlands of England and I am looking for someone within an hour or two from my home.

Click to:

Recent highlights

Most of the women I meet do not want their details or photos on this web site. Most of them agree to me taking strictly private photos but I never show photos to anyone else without permission. I always follow the wishes of the women I meet - so please don't ask for more photos.

Maxine from Coventry

Maxine is young and new on the scene.

Please see the escorts page for more details.

Don't forget to mention if you visit her.

Maxine from Coventry
M from Manchester

Just to prove that I am not just into large breasts!

M was a young mum with small breasts but an inexhaustible supply of milk. Messy - but fun!

Note: she is not available for meeting anyone.

M from Manchester
Click for larger image
Katie from Dorset

Katie now lives at Portland in Dorset and is available for modelling.

Note: Katie is not an escort.

Click here for more photos.

Delicious Ms Dee

Delicious Ms Dee is a new entry on the escort page.

Don't forget to mention if you visit her.

Delicious Ms Dee

Calling women readers

I am looking for women who would like some discrete fun and some cash!

Some men go for fancy cars or golf - but not me, I love women and I love boobs - as you will see from this site! I have been fortunate in making a lot of money (through hard work!) and I am happy to spend it on my "hobby".

Please click here to find out all about me.

Many of the women I meet tell me that they sometimes feel neglected as they get older and life becomes busier with kids, a job and a house to run - life becomes a constant round of "the same old.". I hope to rectify that! Some of them feel that they may have large boobs but that they are too overweight to be appreciated - how wrong can they be?

Some younger women with babies like to have their milky breasts appreciated - and some cash to add to the family budget. I love lactating breasts doing what they were designed to do.

I am well-off, well-educated, decent, generous, trustworthy and totally discrete - as any of the women I have met will confirm. I am not at all "weird" - just boob-obsessed!

Please contact me if you are generously endowed in the boob department, or you are a breast-feeding mum (I have an absolute passion for lactating breasts of any size) and you would like to make some cash while enjoying some totally private fun.

Remember: I never tell anyone anything about any woman I meet - unless she gives permission.


Comments from women I have visited

I got this message after a recent visit to a mature woman in Northamptonshire (huge, heavy, gorgeous breasts):

I just want to thank you for visiting me yesterday. I was a bundle of nerves before you arrived but you were the perfect gentleman and made me feel comfortable right from the start.

I loved the way you asked "May I .." before you did anything - it made me feel totally in control. It has been a long time since my boobs were so appreciated in such a gentle and considerate way and all I can say is that I enjoyed it as much as you so obviously did.

I really look forward to seeing you again in the near future - next time I would be happy for you to use your camera as long as you keep the photos private. Thanks again for a really fun few hours - and the cash!

A young woman I visited in Birmingham (a magnificent pair of breasts!) sent this:

I have to be honest - I really enjoyed yesterday - I thought I would hate it but quite the opposite - so thanks!

Of course we can meet again - just let me know what you would like.

I would be grateful if you could introduce me to other people who would be interested in taking photos of me but I would prefer if they contacted you before hand so I know that you would recommend them.

Thanks again for yesterday - you made me feel really at ease.

Strange, but true!

My experience tells me that there are many married women in their 30s/40s/50s who feel that they are taken for granted and not really appreciated. They may be separated/divorced or have a husband or partner at work, they may have kids at school or college and maybe a good job of their own - but they no longer feel fully appreciated at home.

It is strange but true that familiarity can sometimes lead to a woman being neglected. I met one woman whose partner had not given her breasts the attention they deserved for over 10 years! Unbelievable! (I did my best to make up in the short time I had available!)

Take the mirror test

A woman is always the most critical person about herself. Naked in front of a mirror she tends to spot everything that is wrong, rather than anything that is right.

All I ask a woman to do, is to stand in front of a mirror, take off her bra, shake them about a little (!) and say: "would StudioB fancy these?"

If they are large (and I mean large - "G" cup or larger - they can never be too large!) then I will fancy them!

They may not be the same size (most aren't!), they may droop a little(most do!), the rest of the body may not be "perfect" (in a woman's own eyes!) - if the boobs are large, I will fancy them!

So, girls, take the mirror test - then contact me to have some fun and to make some money - all in total privacy!


Advice for women thinking of modelling

Please read my advice page and look at a sample Model release.

A big "thank you" to male readers

Most women I meet have been introduced to this site by male friends - so I would like to say a big thank you for their selfless efforts.

Please contact me if you know a large-busted woman who might be interested in making some cash from a private meeting with me. I am happy to follow up any lead and, who knows, you may see photos on this site - if she agrees of course.

The first thing to do is to suggest that she looks at this site:


Who or what is StudioB?

  • StudioB is me - a person (male).
  • Find out more about me on my About page.
  • I am based in the centre of England - see map.
  • This is my private web site - it is not commercial in any way.
  • This site is free - there is no subscription fee.
  • I have nothing for sale - what you see is what you get.
  • I am a fan of beautiful breasts, gorgeous nipples and large ("G" cup or larger) natural breasts.
  • I want to meet large breasted women for private meetings.
  • I want to meet nursing mums (any breast size) for private meetings.

Some of the women I have met

Click here to see some of the women that I have been lucky enough to meet as a result of this site.

Men - you can help

I have met many women because other men have asked them to look at this site. Why? Because some people are helpful, that's why - and I am deeply grateful for their introductions.

If you know a woman who fits the bill, ask her to look at this site: - the rest is totally up to her.

Manchester, South Yorks, Lincs, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Notts, Staffs, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Warwickshire, Coventry, Northants, Worcs ...
Hover over the map for details of my area

I am looking for large breasted and lactating women

Please click on an ad above for more information

Urgent request for information about nursing mums

It is a long time since I was fortunate to meet a lactating mum like Amber on the right. I am in urgent need of meeting a new one. If anyone reading this knows a women who is currently breast feeding, or who is in the final stages of pregnancy, please get in touch. Don't forget, I am totally discrete - no-one would ever know that we met - and I am very generous with the contents of my wallet!

As well as being a fan of large breasts I am also attracted to lactating women. The amount of milk breasts can produce is totally unrelated to their size and I have been very fortunate to meet some women with fairly small breasts but with an almost endless supply of gorgeous milk.

I met Amber (on the right) a few years ago and she was a very attractive young woman with fairly small breasts but with an absolutely fantastic milk supply! However, all good things come to an end - but we had some fantastic messy fun (milk everywhere!) while it lasted!

Amber: small breasts but gorgeous milk!  Click for larger image.   Amber: small breasts but gorgeous milk!  Click for larger image.

Young mum - glorious milky boobs!

So, I am looking for breast-feeding mums (any breast size) who would like to make some serious cash in total privacy.

Please click here for more details of my search.

If you are such a mum, or you know of one, please get in touch with me.

In praise of mature women

For many women their breasts remain one of their most attractive assets for a very long time. I have seen some truly magnificent breasts on women in their late 50s. Age is certainly no barrier for me! I don't have details of these women - but if any mature women with large boobs are reading this - please get in touch!

In praise of mature women  In praise of mature women
First pic is ©
Who says mature women can't have magnificent breasts?
In praise of mature women  In praise of mature women
Titsiana and Birgit - two more gorgeous-breasted mature models from
In praise of mature women
The gorgeous boobs of Titsiana again - it is amazing how such huge breasts can be hidden away.

Other models

These are not women known to me - unfortunately! However, they do illustrate the more mature, larger-breasted figure that I adore!

© and ©

Miosotis - see Nadine Jansen's site ( for more of this fantastic body!  Yes, they are real - they are not morphs and they are not plastic!

Milena Velba

What can one say about Milena Velba? She is mature, she has enormous natural breasts and she is lactating in this photo.

In front of a woman like this, a true breast man (like me) will think he has died and gone to heaven!

Please, please - there must be women like this in England. If there are, please, please, get them to contact me!

Milena - the breast-man's dream!

All sorts of breasts

No two pairs of breasts are the same - thank goodness! 9 times out of 10 one breast is larger than the other - so, girls, don't worry if you feel lop-sided - it is normal!

No two pairs of nipples are the same - thank goodness. Some are perfectly centred, some are outward pointing, some are inward pointing, some are sensitive, some are very sensitive, some are long, some are short - and some even pop inwards when not excited!

It is this sheer variety of breast size and shape, of nipple size and shape, that makes my hobby such fun! I just love breasts in all their wonderful variety

The photo on the right shows a pair of beautifully shaped breasts: full, heavy and those areolas and nipples are a breast man's dream!

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