Welcome to my web site

My name is Dave and this is my personal web site - no subscriptions, nothing for sale.

I am a man with an obsession - breasts. I set up this site to help me find large-breasted women in central England and over the years I have been able to visit hundreds of women willing to share their assets with me during private meetings.

You can learn more about me on the About me page and I have tried to answer most questions on the FAQ page.

Request for information

I am trying to find out who took some videos on xhamster - please see the dedicated Linda page for details.

Update: New year 2016

Couple of new entries on the escorts page. Still very keen to have discreet meetings with suitable women.

About meeting me

Larger photos

Clicking on most photos on this site will show a larger version.

Photos are shown only when the woman agrees - I always respect a woman's wishes.

Some of the women I have met

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Yes, I know, I am a very lucky man and I would like to thank all the women I have met so far and all those who have introduced them to me via this site.